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Do not use this company! You get what you pay for--in this case, little.

Pick up was 1 day late on interstate move. Truck to pickup was too small, which I noted upon arrival. It was not the "18 wheeler" Christine promised the day before. They loaded it anyways.

The foreman lied to my face and said it was big enough and a 21000 cu. ft. truck. Christine from co.

told me later it was truly only an 18000 cu. ft. truck. She then got angry at me saying that I allegedly got their estimate wrong.

I told her I don't have a cu. ft. estimator. Towards the end of them loading the truck, they finally realized that the truck was too small.

They wrote up a second estimate, which was $2000 more than the original. I refused to sign because of their deceit and errs. Delivery was three days late after their rep "Christine" lied to me repeatedly about delivery the next day, which kept moving. She hung up on me repeatedly when I called to get info.

She kept saying she couldn't hear me even though I had made several other calls from that cell phone and place that day. She repeatedly told me that my driver had called me. I repeatedly told her that I'd never been contacted by my driver. Finally, the day before the delivery, after I kept calling the company, Christine told me that they had loaded my stuff in a much larger truck and picked up several other moves, which they were delivering ahead of mine.

I told her that was inconsistent with the "direct" move we negotiated, agreed upon, and paid for. She again blamed me because their estimator underestimated the quantity of our belongings. Finally, the day before the delivery, the driver, Guy, called me. He told me all of the specifics about why had yet to receive our belongings.

He apologized. The delivery ended up being on a Sunday, the worst possible day for me, because that is my most challenging workday as a minister. The company seems to only care about money. Christine kept repeating that I had better have the cash or money order upon delivery.

Even though we had already paid in full for the entire move before arrival, something we did not have to do, the driver insisted on the additional payment of $2000 before unloading our belongings. The driver and foreman (different than original) put me on the phone with an alleged manager from GVVL whom I had never spoken. He insisted we pay in spite of the many company lies & delays. I told him we should have received a greater discount than $200 for their lies & delays.

He wouldn't budge. He says we had to pay that Sunday. He "promised" that he would call me the next day to compensate us for our losses. Not surprisingly, we never heard from the company again.

We paid grudgingly because we needed our belongings. The unloaders were gruff, crude, and clumsy. One older man smelled like he lived on the street and hadn't bathed for weeks. He contaminated our downstairs guest bathroom within 1 hour, which we smelled all that day.

He also walked around our house rubbing the boxes on the walls and marring the paint. A younger man told me, "I have never done this before." Ironically, he was the nicest one of all of them. They damaged a lot of our belongings, including our baby's mattress, our mechanized couch, our mattress, a bathroom cabinet (irreparable), an end table, and scratches and marks on many of our belongings. They also caused significant paint scratches and marks on our walls and floor molding.

Towards the end of the unloading, the driver/foreman and one of the unloaders became very impatient and angry with us for some unknown reason. All of a sudden, they refused to reassemble the many piece of furniture they disassembled, including two desks, a basic patio furniture table, and our baby's furniture. The foreman said that they did not have to assemble anything by contract. I told him that was not in our signed agreement with the company.

Notably, he did not have a copy of that original agreement.

I asked him why his unloaders had already assembled so many other pieces of furniture. He said that was them just being "nice."

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Valley Van Lines Long Distance Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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